Hi, I'm Dylan Smith, I'm a Front End Engineer with expertise in UX Design.

I craft user centered applications with my mission to make memorable experiences.

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About Me

After graduating from High School in 2017, my goal was to attend University and achieve a bachelor's degree. But I also had no idea what degree or career I wanted to pursue. So, I needed to explore my options and find what sparked my interest. Eventually finding myself in the Web Design & Application Development program at Utah Valley University. Pursuing this degree has enabled me to find a passion for bringing ideas to life.

At the end of 2023, I will be graduated from college with my bachelor's in Web Design & App Development. My studies have included UX design methods, which have enabled me to understand the importance of purposeful applications and designs. But my primary skillset is application development, my primary programming language is Javascript and I have gained experience in multiple modern frameworks and libraries. Pairing my skills in programming and UX design has enabled me to create rich applications that are purposeful and accessible.

Values I live by


Working with others to bring ideas to life, are opportunities I yearn for. Collaborating on teams has enabled me to learn from others and grow as a person, and personally, it's exciting to engage with others that have unique ideas and perspectives. Proper teamwork will always produce more and better results than working alone on a project.

Respect others

Everyone has their own stories, backgrounds, and experiences that shape who they are, It's important to recognize that and be respectful of others. Getting to know new people and learning how to work with them and make new friends is a goal I strive for. So, I hope to have many opportunities to work with others and be a part of a team.

Helping others learn

We are part of a community that is always striving to grow and learn. If I can help anyone by sharing what I know about anything application development and UX design, I will. Helping others learn has shown me how much I know actually and I sometimes learn new things myself.

My Technology Stack

I'm constantly learning and adapting my technology stack to fit my own needs and what the industry is using. Here are some of the technologies I have been using recently.

Let's Work Together!



One of my most recent hobbies and goals has been to learn how to cook. I've always been scared of cooking because I feared I would mess it all up, in the most dramatic way my mind would tell me.

But while attending University, I had to learn how to cook to help manage my finances. Also, I wanted to eat healthier and cook for loved ones as well which felt very gratifying to do so.


Vynl Records


Listening to music is always been a great way for me to relax my mind and enjoy great music. Growing up, I've been lucky enough to be introduced to all kinds of music by my mother. My music tastes are vast and I love all eras of music. Collecting Vynl records and listening to them has been a great way to be studying or coding throughout my day. Every concert I go to, I make it a point to get a Vynl record as a tradition.


Video games have been a big part of my life growing up, I've always been fascinated by rich worlds that are created and great stories that are being told. One of my earliest memories growing up is playing "Halo" with my Father in 2001.

Ever since I've been playing video games with my loved ones and friends. When I was finally able to afford my gaming PC, I built it from scratch, and having that computer has gotten to where I'm at today in my career.


My favorite time of the year is the winter season. The festivities, beautiful snow, and cool silent nights are all things that I yearn for each year. With all the great Utah snow, I also get to go do my favorite sport, snowboarding. This has been a hobby of mine since early high school when I first had my snowboarding gear.

This sport embodies everything I love about winter and the mountains. The crisp sounds that are heard when carving down the mountain and the beautiful views that are seen from every point of the mountains. Is something I will always love and cherish.